AVT McCormick is one of the largest producers and exporters of sustainably sourced steam sterilized spices in India. We offer a range of more than 20+ spices of both Indian and International origins. They are traceable, farmed in a sustainable manner and meet the highest standards in food safety and quality.

Sustainably sourced and processed to International standards

AVT McCormick offers a range of 20+ spices of both Indian and International origins. We partner with the farmer communities and work with them closely to ensure that they use sustainable organic farming practices. We also work with them to protect indigenous varieties of spices.

Our spices are farm to fork traceable, that enables our supplies to meet regulatory requirements of global markets.

Once the spices arrive at our facility, they are steam sterilized in USFDA microbiology reduction protocols validated sterilizers. Cutting edge technology is used for cleaning and milling. Finally, they are processed into bottle-ready spices and blends. These are offered in various formats including Whole, Ground, Crushed, Cracked, Tea Cuts etc, in tune with the market needs.



Our products include Steam Sterilised Farm-to-Fork traceable spices, Tropical & Seeds Spices, Spice Blends and Specialty products including Organic Spices, Gluten-controlled spices, Roasted Spices and Passover Compliant spices.


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